Friday, January 24, 2014

Review ~ Lost in France by Jani Kay

Firebird Series: 
Lost in France (Book 1) 

Lost In France is an erotic contemporary romance novel set in Paris, the city of Love and Romance. 
Warning: 18+++ 

Lost. The one thing I’ve wanted above everything else was taken from me in one night. My dreams were shattered forever because of one irreversible mistake. 
There was nothing I could do about it. 
I’d lost everything. 
So I did what I always do. I ran. 
To another continent. 
To France. 
To start over. 

God knows, I needed a new beginning; a new job, a new life. To find what I truly wanted…needed…craved. Myself. And a man of my own. 

My French man found me. He was perfect. 
Or…was he... 
Alain du Bois had a secret. One that could destroy what we had even before we had a chance to find love. 
And why was my new boss, Maxwell Grant, the arrogant and demanding CEO of Grant Global, fixated on me? 

Would I find myself in France? 
Would I get what I desperately wanted? 
Or was I jumping from one hotter than hell fire into another? 

Rebecca left her home to begin a new job that would take her to France. She was running from the man that held her heart because she couldn’t have him and being around him any longer was just too much to bear. So why not start over? 

On the plane she meets Alain, the uber sexy Frenchman, and just wow the chemistry and immediate attraction between these two is dynamic. She jumps in with both feet deciding to grab hold of this opportunity and see where it goes. So here we are in France with a French tour guide and one that will rock her world. Then Rebecca comes face to face with her gorgeous boss, Maxwell Grant. She is drawn to him, there is something about him that gets her hormones raging and her fiery temper flaring. But there’s a problem. Not only does she have Alain and wants to see where it goes, but Maxwell has a beautiful super model wife, so why would he want her? And if there is one thing that Rebecca is adamant about it’s that she will not be the other woman, ever. 

At first I didn’t know what to think about Alain, I knew he was hiding something but not sure exactly what that was. Alain was determined not to give into the chemistry as long as Rebecca was still someone else’s in her mind. He wanted her all to himself. His secret wasn’t so bad, at least until feeling got involved and then ultimatums were issued. I loved Rebecca and Alain together and I was all for him, that is until the end. Then I didn’t know any longer how to feel. 

Now Maxwell, I didn’t really like him at first. I thought he was just a major palyboy that didn’t care about his marriage and only wanted what he wanted. But as time went on I started to realize there was a whole lot more to Max than I knew. 

So now guess where my ass is parked? 
Right on top of that fence! 

I need more, right now. I need to know the answers to unanswered questions about Alain. I need to know Max’s story. I need to know what happens to Rebecca when she leaves France and heads to her next assignment in Germany. I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!!!


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