Feisty Girls want to welcome the smokin hot and sexy Greg Cage to the interview room.

How are you beautiful ladies today?


Alright we are going to take it back a bit and start out by asking, How did you feel when you found out Reid was Izzy’s Axel?

Oh, Jesus. Gutted... Responsible. Never saw that coming and it kills me that it hurt Iz but looking back now, where they are, I'm happy it happened.

Aw, we just love the big brother connection you have with Iz.

Alright so we have to ask, are you more of a Beast or a Teddy Bear?

Ha!  Depends who you ask, ladies. Most of the time I would think I'm a teddy bear but... when my girl is around I just can't help it. She brings my beast out.

So we heard a little secret and wanted to know how long have you had your piercings, can I see them, better yet can I feel them?

Now ladies, I was told by Melissa to tell you anything you wanted to know but something tells me she wouldn't like that one. I will say I've had them for about ten years and if you want to know what they look at I'll have a buddy of mine email you a picture, of his.

J- Yes Please do, we wanna see

M- Ok we have to ask cause you seem like a smart man, how on earth did you get mixed up with psycho bitch Mandy?

Oh, Mandy. Not proud of my past but back then I was just looking for a fun time. If I knew who she really was there was no damn way I would have gone near her.

J-Alright we all know what you were thinking when you saw Meli for the first time in that Drs. Office but what would you have done if you hadn’t seen Meli at the club that night? Would you have gone back to the Dr. Office to see her again?

I'm a persistent bastard. I would have found her. Not sure I would have stopped until I did.

M-We all know you were instantly drawn to Melissa but what were your first thoughts when you met Cohen?

How do I explain this?  I asked Axel once what it felt like to meet your child for the first time. I know, I know, Cohen isn't mine but in a way he is. He's part of Meli and in turn he will always be a part of me. The second I met him I knew he was mine. It's hard to explain but I took one look and knew I would do anything for that boy's happiness.

J-We all know you made Cohen’s day by getting him that cape and telling him he could fight off the ninjas, so we have to ask if you could be a superhero what would your superpower be? 

Levitation. Use your imagination babe.

M-Now I have to admit I got a little teary eyed when Cohen called you daddy but I wanna know what was going through your mind when he did that?

Pure fucking happiness. With Cohen I never knew what to expect. I knew we had a bond but I also knew he wasn't 'mine' but hearing him claim me as his... one of the best feelings in the whole damn world.

M-What would you describe as your perfect day?

Depends on if Cohen is around. If he is, anything with him and Meli. If he isn't, anything with me inside Meli.

M-Alright lets get to the more ADULT questions.. are you ready for what we are going to throw at you Greg?

Babe, I'm always ready

M-Did Meli get a special time out for seeing your weiner (as Cohen calls it)?

Ha ha!  Babe, Meli gets a time out every time she sees my wiener. Spankings are always her time out of choice.

M-Oh hell spankings are always a great time out

J-Did you make good on your promise to Meli to f*ck her raw?

A gentleman never kisses and tells but my girls never complained.

J-Do you prefer bed, wall, shower or counter top?

Any or all. I'm an equal opportunist.

M-Where is the craziest place you and Meli have had sex?

She's going to kill me. Grocery store bathroom. Hey, don't judge me, we have a three year old running around the house, we take it where we can get it.

M-OK OK We wont judge but damn really a bathroom...kinda gross, hope you got home and cleaned her up at least.

J-If Meli wanted a piercing  what would you want her to get? 

How do you know she doesn't have one now?

M-OK now you have us wondering...maybe we will just have to meet up with her and ask

Tell us something embarrassing about your friends that they wouldn't want us knowing:

Axel is a huge One Direction fan. Seriously. Caught that bastard singing one of their songs the other day.

M-OMG that is hilarious, never would have thought that

Tell us something about boss lady that we don't know:

My girl Harper?  Might not be a shock but have you seen the collection of half naked men pictures she keeps around? I caught Meli giving her a nudie of me the other day. So I guess, back to your earlier question if you wanted to see my dick she's the one to ask.

M-We just might, I am pretty close to her and you would never know if she shared it or not...

J-Lets do a quick fire round

Boxers or Briefs - 


Top or Bottom - 


Favorite Position -

 reverse cowgirl or having my girl on top

Do you have any fetishes - 

I like it rough, does that count

Biggest Turn on - 

Biggest Turn off - 

fake bitches

Toys or no Toys - 

babe, I don't need toys

First thing that pops into your head:

Meli - 

fucking perfect

Cohen - 

my hero

Izzy -


Axel - 

pain in my ass

Locke - 


Coop - 

bigger pain in my ass

Beck - 


Dee -


Emmy -


Mandy -

 no comment

Alright gotta say Melissa is one lucky lady. Thank you for taking the time to let us drill you on your life

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Feisty Girls want to welcome Taron Walker from Rebel Walking

Welcome Taron, thanks for joining us

I love me some Feisty Girls!

~J~ Well you came to the right place because we are some Feisty Girls! Right Meli?

~M~ Right, now can we sit on your lap?

Well I'd love to let you sit on me, but Ivy doesn't share!

*looks around* I don't see Ivy anywhere

Mount up!

**Meli fans herself and grips her seat** Maybe would should get to work

~J~ What was your first thought when you met Ivy?

Fuck... She's Hot

~M~ What was is about Ivy that made u want to change ur ways?

Her feisty mouth!  She is the female version of me, and everyone fucking loves me!

~J~ When did you realize Ivy was different from your normal conquests?

When she straddled my lap at the bar.  I'd been a vulgar ass and she didn't hesitate to put me in my place.  Most girls just fall all over me and do anything I say.  Ivy is different.  She won't put up with any shit and I love her strength.

~J~ Would you have walked away from Rebel Walking if that’s what Ivy wanted?

Hell yes! In a Heartbeat!

~M~ Now what is the strangest place u and ivy have had sex?

Strange?  I can't think of any place that's strange.  My girl is up for it anywhere, AND we all know I sure as hell am too!

~M~ Alright lets get this question out of the way...Aiden...what is ur deal with him?

That fucking cowboy! I know he's just watching out for her. But back the fuck up!
Nah really, we're good now! Ivy knows that he irritates me, and I try to be civil. Civil with my hands all over her ass to rub in the fact that she's mine!

~J~ What was your first thought when you found out what really happened that night when you came back to Ivy's apartment?

That shit broke me. That's when I realized that I'm a selfish asshole. I should have stayed with her. I'll regret that night for the rest of my life for many reasons.

~J~ So, since Ivy is a photographer does how many nude shoots does she have of you?

She takes nude pics of me almost everyday

*whispers in Meli's ear* "We have to steal some of those."

~J~ Why do you feel that you have to protect Lily from Luke?

She's my cousin. He's a guy. End of story.

~J~ Well that's not really fair Taron. What if you are standing in the way of true love?

Fuck that! True love. Luke wouldn't know what that was if it slapped him across the dick.

~M~ When you finally got Ivy back after everything that happened what were your first thoughts?

She is MINE. And NOTHING will keep me from what is mine. One way or another it is happening.
I can't wait to spend everyday with this feisty girl!

~M~ Don't hold back on the boss lady, give us something juicy

She likes to be pinched. Ya know... Everywhere.

~M~ And if we said we liked to be pinched would you pinch us?

Haha! Depends on what you want pinched!

~M~ Well we know your love Ivy so we won't get you in any trouble..she’s a feisty one wouldn't want to piss her off. but you can tell Holden he can pinch me anytime

No we don't want to piss her off!
Oh I will! My brother needs someone to pinch. He's a stiff mf'er that needs to cut loose.

~M~ Well then send him my way

I will lil Lissa!

~J~ Hey now wait a minute what about me? Think you can send Cowboy my way?

Damn straight. I'll tell him to look you up.

**Meli fans Joni**

~M~ Ok so back to most embarrassing moments from your bandmates

Luke's is when he hooked up one time during set up. I put the mic right outside the door and amplified his ass! We heard all sorts of smacking and moaning. I laughed my ass off! He stopped making noise after a bit, but didnt stop. He really wasn't embarrassed though.

Lilly hasn't really done anything embarrassing.

~M~ Omg you didn't...just wait he is bound to get you back for that shit

~J~ Yep, payback's a bitch, ya know

Talon got pretty red when Eaven put up a back shot picture of his naked ass playing the drums. We saw his ass in full motion hitting his set. Ass crack blaring. She was proud of that shot and he got over it pretty quick!

~M~ OMG we have to see that pic

~J~ Yes! That would be hilarious!!

~M~ Alright you know I have to know Holden's, don't hold back

Holden isn't used to the nookie attention. Some of the bold concert lizards will rub up on him to get to us backstage. One of them grabbed a hand full of him and shocked my brother. He handled her well, but the look on his face when she did it had us all laughing.

~J~ Poor Holden. Meli you need to go get your man and handle the lizards. He needs some protection.

~M~ OMG that is hilarious, wonder what he would do if I tried to pull that

Go for it! There's only one way to find out!

~J~ I bet if you "pulled" that he'd come wherever you wanted him too.

~M~ OMG **blushes**

~M~ ok after I get myself under control, we want to do a quick flash round with you


First thing that comes to mind






Needs to get laid


Sister to me now


Killer guitarist


Killer guitarist

~M~ really Taron couldn't come up with something better for Lilly

alright then
Awesome Tatts


Fucking shit kicking cowboy



Ok now here's the Flash round.. Ready?


Top or bottom?


wall or bed


Foreplay or down to business?

It's foreplay all day

Vanilla... or Chocolate thought I was gonna be naughty, huh?

Actually it's vanilla with hot fudge, whip cream and a cherry on top

~M~ Now your making me hungry

~M~ alright last one...first thing that pops in your head

Are you done yet? My dick is twitching and Ivy's waiting

**Meli falls off her chair**

We want to thank you, Taron for taking time out of your busy schedule for us. Before you go how about a shot and one of your awesome toasts? *Grabs a bottle of tequilla and 3 shot glasses*

No pressure

Lick me, suck me, straight down to the core. That's how tequila brings out the whores

**we take the shot**

Well Taron thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us, but we know we have held you up for far to long, time for you to go back to Ivy..

**we watch his ass as he walks, he must know cause he turns and winks**

Well Feistys you just got the scoop on the hot and sexy lead singer for Rebel Walking. We hope you enjoyed Taron as much as we did

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