Thursday, January 9, 2014

Meli's Review ~ Undone by RE Hunter

Title: Undone (Disclosure Series Book #1)
Author: R.E. Hunter
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 6, 2014

Five years ago, Embry Jacobs ran...

She ran from a past that still hasn’t let her go, but her dream of becoming a lawyer is stronger than her fear of confronting that past. Embry’s sole focus is to get through law school—with 
the help of her best friend, Morgan—and make something of the broken girl she became. Not 
thinking about falling in love, being in a relationship or even entertaining the idea of romance, 
Embry is moving forward one day at a time.

Luke Brody is charming and sexy, and has a past of his own. He wants nothing more than to put
his demons to rest and move on with his life. But, when Embry enters the picture, is he destined 
to repeat those same mistakes? 

Blindsided by their instant attraction, neither Luke nor Embry are prepared for the feelings they’re developing. But will it all be for nothing?

Will they let their pasts destroy them, or will they risk everything to fight for their relationship when it all comes undone?


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Embry has been running for the last 5 years and she has finally come back to her home state to go to law school.  Her only focus is getting through school and focusing on herself.

Luke has a past of his own. He is an attorney who has left his hometown when he received a better offer.

When these two collide I felt their chemistry instantly and knew everything would change for both of them.

What I also kept thinking is what is Luke hiding. When we found out the first secret I kind of had a feeling that is what it is. They move past it and continue in their amazing relationship.  All the while I kept holding my breath waiting for something big to happen. I just knew there was more to his secret and my heart broke for Embry when she finally found it out.

I have no doubt in my mind that Luke and Embry are soulmates and meant to be together but I also want Luke to suffer just a little bit for his secrets.

The ending... man oh man the ending.... thats all I can say about it.
I can not wait to get more of Embry and Luke. Hopefully sooner rather then later.

5 Humongous Stars

R.E. Hunter is a native New Yorker and lives on Long Island with her husband and their crazy 
kitten. She works as an attorney by day and writes every spare second she has. She's currently 
working on the sequel to Undone, which will be released sometime in 2014. When she’s not 
writing, you can usually find her somewhere near a beach with a book in her hand.

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