Sunday, September 1, 2013

SAFE by Ryan Michele

Moving to Williamsfield, Georgia is not what she wants …
it’s what she needs. An escape—from him.
After being brutally abused for years, Sadie seeks sanctuary and safety.
But can she ever be safe when evil has his eyes on her from afar.

Landon doesn’t want a relationship. He’s been burned too badly to want anything more from a woman than the physical, but one look at Sadie and he’s rethinking everything.
Can trust be formed when it’s been so beaten down? Can love conquer fears?
What happens when evil doesn’t give up? Can Sadie ever really be safe?

~~~Melissa’s Review~~~
For the past three years Sadie has been hiding what was really going on in her life with her on and off again boyfriend Rob. She didnt know how to get out from under him without putting her family in danger. Little did she know her family was going to try and protect her.

After the last incident that landed her in the hospital, Sadie’s mom decided enough was enough and she was going to make Sadie move away from all the hurt and pain that Rob was causing her. Sadie fought her mom saying she couldnt go but her mom was adamant and Sadie finally gave in and 2 weeks later moved to a small town in Georgia, where her aunt and uncle live.

Her first morning there she meets Landon and right away there is a connection that she is bound and determined to fight. She knows why she is in Georgia and know she needs to start a new life but she also knows and believes in her mind that Rob will one day find her.

Slowly Landon and Sadie build a strong friendship and were growing to much more. Unfortunately Sadie’s past surfaces and the two must stay strong
to have the one true love that everyone wants.
Will Sadie and Landon be able to get past everything that is thrown at them
and get their happily ever after?

I absolutely LOVED this book. The author did a amazing job and she kept me guessing from every turn and every twist that happened in the book. I am one to normally be able to guess what is going to happen and with SAFE I never saw it coming.

Landon and Sadie’s chemistry is off the charts and you can feel their vibes before anything ever happens between them and when it finally did it was sweet but yet so sexy. He stands by her even without knowing what was going on in her mind. She slowly lets him in and when she does everything seems to be ripped away from them. I felt every emotion going through both of them from love to heartache to worry. 

Ryan Michele did a great job with the way she delved into how a victim actually feels about what happens to them, and her description made feel like I was there and all I wanted to do was reach through my kindle and hug Sadie and Landon then smother Rob.


~~~~Joni’s Review~~~~

For three years Sadie lived in fear of what would happen next with her abusive ex Rob. She never uttered a word of the abuse she went through out of fear of what Rob would do to the one’s she loved most. She took the abuse in silence to protect them. After her latest “accident” her mother stepped in and said enough. She must leave everyone she loves and wants to protect behind.
The protector must now become the protected.
Two weeks later Sadie is settling in her new life in Georgia with her cousin Lauryn. Her first day there she meets Landon and the connection is there immediately. Sadie doesn’t want a man, she doesn’t trust them, and she lives in fear of Rob. Landon has his own demons and has no intention of giving into the connection he felt with Sadie. Yet he can’t seem to stay away, they decide to forge a friendship and nothing more. As the days and weeks pass their bond begins to grow. You can feel the chemistry and tension flowing between these two.
Then everything falls apart. Sadie gets news and rushes home, not expecting what’s waiting for her. From there I’m going to leave you hanging. Yep you get no more from me. I will not spoil what happens from there it’s totally worth the wait to read it yourself.
Ryan Michele did an excellent job of portraying the actions of an abused woman. From the guilty thoughts that run through Sadie’s head to the flinching and fear of violence she experiences. She also did a great job with Landon, standing beside Sadie even when he had no idea what he was facing. I could feel their emotions and the bulding of trust and love between them. I cannot wait to see what happens with the side characters from this book. I loved them all, except Rob.


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