Friday, September 6, 2013

Blood Stained Lives by Ronald Edward Griffin ~Guest Review by Jennifer Zorko~

In an epic battle between good and evil, young Namon will discover what being the last of his kind truly means- born of a destiny with the power to protect all humanity. He must come to terms with his fate, and seek out the one responsible for his parents deaths and the near extinction of the White Wolves.

The night vampire Aluana meets Namon, she was just out looking for a good time. Needing to escape the fear of her unknown past and origins, she wasn't expecting a harmless dance to have unintended consequences. She finds herself falling in love for what she suspects is the first time. Namon may be the key she needs to unlock hidden memories, but at what cost? 

Now the two are caught between mortal enemies and earth's destiny lies in their hands...

~*~ Jennifer's Review~*~

Ask yourself this question, if the fate of the world rested on your shoulders, would you be strong enough to rise to the challenge?  That is the question that Namon has to ask himself.  Orphaned at 7, he has lived the last 10 years with his godmother, Katrina.  As his 18th birthday arrives, the evil forces that took his parents are back to try and kill Namon and take the powerful amulet that would mean the destruction of the world.  Sworn to protect him at all cost, Katrina gives her life to do just that.

Namon learned at a very young age to keep his distance emotionally, because loving someone has meant that he will lose them, but that all changes one night when is sees the beautiful Aluana at the Whiskey River Bar.

Aluana has no memory of her life prior to being "turned" into a Vampire by the evil Cyrus.  For years she has been held captive at his compound in Atlanta.  Now that they are moving to New York, Aluana is enjoying the new found freedom that Cyrus is allowing her.  She has been sheltered all her life, and never thought that she would find love, until the night that she met Namon.

It is love at first sight for these two, and something deep in their souls recognizes the other that they can't explain, but they just know that they need to be together.  That they are each other’s missing half.  When evil threatens to destroy their world, what choice do they have but to fight.

Now Namon, along with a pack of Skin-Walking Werewolves and a tiny Gremlin named Oz, must fight and fight hard if they are going to be able to defeat the evil that is coming.

This is not your typical Vampire verses Werewolf kind of story.  This book has a little bit of everything for everyone.  You like Vampires, this book has it, you like Werewolves, this book has it.  Demon's, Gremlins, Dragons, Wizards?  Yep, this book has it.  This is a great book for young and old.  Nothing too graphic.  The characters are wonderfully written and the story just pulls you in and keeps you hooked.  The author left an opening for more books to come and I will definitely look for more.

I would give this book 4 stars!

Thank you Jen for doing this awesome review for us we really appreciate your help!! ~Melissa & Joni~


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