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Blog Tour ~ A Workplace Affair by Isabella Rae

 There are those once in a lifetime opportunities that come along, that in your wildest dreams would never happen to you. When independent Victoria Bryant's opportunity comes, a climb up the corporate ladder turns into an affair with the owner. Now she must make decisions that will change her life forever. Will she choose to forgive the man she's grown to love, or watch him walk away and give up everything that might have been.....

When Leland Ambrose started his company he was young and in charge, but when he meets Victoria, he discovers a weakness he hadn't counted on. A weakness so great that his company could pay the price. Will he stand up for the woman he loves, or protect the company he's worked so hard to build.....

Victoria Bryant

 Leland Ambrose 

About the Author:

Isabella Rae has been writing for over 10 years but never published because she was discouraged by the publishing process. Recently a friend of hers released a book through self-publishing and inspired Isabella to release her first book. When Isabella is not writing she is busy being a single mom to 2 beautiful girls, and works as a baker, and server at a local restaurant.

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Favorite Quotes: 
“So you slept in his bed and didn’t sleep with him?” Sage just couldn’t grasp this, “but you said he was gorgeous right? I mean, he is, I Googled him.” ~Sage McCarthy

“NO!” I yell at him as I move away, “You do not get to comfort me. You don’t get to be the big strong man who comforts the crazy, broken female.” ~Victoria Bryant

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~~~Joni’s Review~~~

We meet Victoria and her best friend Sage in the prologue and really get a feel for how close these two women are. When Sage needs help she turns to Victoria, who is there with open arms. 

One night while out with her closest friends, unbeknown to her she is spotted by Leland Ambrose. Instantly he is drawn to her and has to know who she is. 

When Monday morning rolls around and Victoria is asked by her current boss to sit in on a meeting  with the big boss she cannot figure out why Mr. Ambrose is starring a hole through her. 

Leland can’t believe that the woman from the bar was sitting in on his board meeting. He had to meet her. This is an easy task for the him. After all his is the boss. A boss who is only in town for a few months to oversee his Atlanta office so of course he needs a new secretary. 

Victoria just happens to be a secretary. 

From here their relationship builds and has a few ups and downs. Until one day Victoria is filing some papers for Leland and runs across one that can tear them apart.  

I enjoyed this book. It moved at a very brisk pace, there was never a time I thought “hurry up and get to the point,” the sex was hot, and I was never bored. I was flipping pages to see what Leland would do next to get what he wanted. I liked Victoria even though I felt she was somewhat irrational and I wanted to shake her and tell her to get over it. I really liked the secondary characters, Sage, Carter, Nick, and Connor. I would like to know more about them.  The ending came a little fast for me. I would have liked a little more. But that’s what an author is supposed to do, leave you wanting more. 

4 Big Stars!!

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