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Blog Tour & Review ~ The Truth About Us by TJ Hannah

Twenty-one-year-old Sophia Ross has lived under the pressure of her parents expectations since the tragic accident that shattered their once perfect family. Determined to start over where no one knows her, she answers a housing ad on Craigslist and takes a job at a little bar in a town she has never heard of. All Sophia's looking for is a place to escape, somewhere she can hide behind her lies and keep herself distracted. 

She just didn’t expect to be distracted by Corbin Kasey. 

Twenty-five-year-old Corbin Kasey is stuck in his hometown, his job, and his life, spending more time covering for his Dad’s problems than trying to fix his own. To take his mind off everything he has the wild Kayla, his stable roommates, and the calmness of swimming in Mills Lake. He always thought it was enough to keep him from drowning in himself, until he meets Sophia.

Neither of them are prepared for their lies to be stripped away by a single kiss. But for Corbin and Sophia, the truth has consequences. 

*NA romance- Mature content*

Sophia has run away from her life. All she wants to do is forget what happened but her parents and her dreams will never let her forget. So she decides she is ready to live a lie and move on, trying to be a “different” Sophia. She moves to a small town lives in a room she found on craigslist and decides to work at a bar.

While working there she meets Corbin, the bar owners son. To her there is something about Corbin that makes her want to stop living the lie and start telling the truth.

Corbin himself has a past he would like to forget as well as stop living a lie. He has taken care of his drunk abusive father, his father's bar as well as working in a welding shop. He doesn't ever see himself settling down or even having a steady girlfriend. When he meets Sophia all that changes. He can't seem to get her big sad eyes out of his mind. And for some reason fate keeps bringing them together making them fall more and more for each other. Both thinking the other can make them better.

When the truth comes out I was never expecting what happened. Sophia had gone through so much in her life and I completely understood why she felt the need to run away. Corbin has always done everything in his soul to protect the ones he loves which after a while he knew he had to protect Sophia with all his heart.

Sophia and Corbin were both lost and when they were together they were found. I loved them because it was never one sided. They BOTH needed the other to survive. They were each other’s drug. 

I absolutely LOVED this story. It has be believing no matter what comes at you in life there is always something or someone that can bring the light from the darkness.


I also give this AMAZING novel 5 HUMONGOUS STARS!!! Meli hit the nail right on the head in her review! 

TJ Hannah is a Canadian author working on her first NA novel, THE TRUTH ABOUT US, while juggling a few other personalities and living multiple lives. She loves to be outside or writing but preferably writing outside. TJ is also easily appeased with a good book, a comfortable couch, and a glass of wine.


Truth About Us Playlist has an undertone of dance/techno music that I just noticed as I put together this list. I blame Tosh and his DJing. These songs were probably all played at the Bash. When I write I choose songs more based on the tone of the music, not the lyrics. I use music to get me into the mood I need to be in to best write a scene or chapter. For me music is about sound not words. Zed / Clarity Ellie Goulding / Burn Ed Sheeran / Give me Love Enrique Iglesias / Turn the Night Up Imagine Dragons / Demons Avicii / wake me up Calvin Harris / I need your love Krewella / Alive Ellie Goulding / Figure 8 Zed / Stay the Night Phillip Phillips / Home Lana Del Ray / Summertime Sadness

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