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Open Your Eyes by Jani Kay ~Joni's Review~

Adult Contemporary Romance Novel.
Warning: 18+ Contains sex scenes and explicit language.

Second chances? Twisted love triangle? Hot steamy sex? Hell YES!

Open Your Eyes:

Shattered and disillusioned after separating from her domineering husband, all Natalie wants, is a peaceful Christmas vacation in New York City, with her 21 year old daughter, Olivia. Uncomplicated. No pressure. Fun.

What she didn’t expect, was meeting a dangerously handsome stranger in an art gallery. He is charming, sexy as hell, and does funny things to her insides. Her frozen heart slowly melts as he seduces her, awakening her deepest desires, showing her that the kind of love she craves is very possible. She wants him as much as he wants her.

Battling his demons from the past, famous photographer Nicholas Gallagher has successfully evaded serious relationships, earning him the title of the world’s most eligible bachelor. But from the moment he lays eyes on Natalie, she stirs something in him. Compelled to chase the sadness from her vivid blue eyes, Nick is captivated by the spirited Australian beauty.

Hot romance. 
Steamy sex. 
Absolute perfection. 

Until Natalie gets a call from home – one she can’t ignore. In a fateful moment the game changes and throws her life into chaos. Gabriel, her jealous ex, wants her back. Two powerful men want her. She is forced to make a choice that will tear her apart. 

Will Natalie make the right choice? Will she finally find her soul mate, the one person who can look into her eyes and see deep into her soul, everything she is and everything she desires… will she finally open her eyes?

A Stand-alone Novel.

~Joni’s Review~

I am at a loss for the words that I need to actually do this book the justice I feel it deserves. Open Your Eyes was different for me than anything I have ever read. I love a book that grabs a hold of your emotions and owns them from them beginning.

Jani Kay did an AMAZING job of owning my emotions. It was like I stepped inside this book and lived it right along with Natalie and Nick. I don’t think I have ever connected with a book as much as I did this one. When they felt pain I felt it as if it was my own. I sat here and sobbed through so many parts absolutely heartbroken.

I completely understood the turmoil Natalie was facing and the decisions she made. That doesn’t mean I liked it or it hurt any less. I adored Nick and Natalie together and knew what they had was beyond special and meant to be. But things don’t always go as planned.

“Sometimes we are stuck in our own reality; we don’t see the options open to us. We are stuck in our way of thinking believing that is the only way our loves can be.” ~Nick~

Now that I have bared my emotions to you all here goes the review…
Natalie is in New York with her daughter, Olivia. When Natalie decides she’s had enough shopping for the day her daughter convinces her to go back to the hotel and they will meet up later. Natalie finds herself in the Museum of Modern Art where she meets a tall, dark, and handsome stranger.

Nick was drawn to Natalie from the moment he saw her and he was determined to get to know her. She was just the type of woman he had always wanted and Nick always gets what he wants.

They spent every day together it was so sweet and beautiful at times. All Natalie wanted was to be seen and Nick saw her unlike anyone else ever had.
When everything seemed to be absolutely perfect in their world, Natalie gets a call that changes everything. My heart hurt so much through this part, for Nick and Natalie.

Natalie and her “husband” have been separated for two years he went on with life and lived it up while she stood still. She wanted to fix her marriage even though he told her he no longer wanted her. That is until he found out that she was moving on with Nick. Now Gabe wants it all back.

Now Natalie faces a decision that could rip her to pieces. She must choose between what she sees as her responsibility and what she really wants and needs.

“I was at a crossroad; I had to make a choice soon. Too many hearts were dependent on my decision.” ~ Natalie~

Nick wants Natalie, would give everything in his life up for her, will she give him the chance?

“She thinks I’m strong. That I can survive this. Jesus fucking Christ! Doesn’t she realize she is my life?” ~Nick~

There is so much I cannot tell you about this book without taking a chance of ruining it for you. I absolutely refuse to spoil this one!! I lived this book if I could give it more than 5 stars I would it’s that great. 

Not only is it heartbreakingly beautiful it’s hot as hell!!

Download it, read it, live it!!


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