Thursday, October 20, 2016

I am Free by Regina Bartley ~Joni's Review

I belong.
I am me.
Don’t judge.
Let me live.
Don’t hold me back.
I’m not fragile.
I won’t crack.
Just breathe.
You think you know.
You’ve cast me out.
And kept me low.
Please don’t hurt me.
Let me be.
For the first time,
I am free…

In September I had the privilege to meet Regina Bartley and as I sat at the table across from her and my eyes were drawn to this book. First it was the cover then the title. It was calling to me from across the way. I asked someone to hand me a copy so I could read the synopsis and I knew that this book had to join my collection. I’m so glad Regina and I traded books because this book was terrific.

You get very little details about the book because I REFUSE to ruin it for anyone. This book is good for all ages as it is what I would consider a clean read. BUT don’t let that stop you from grabbing a copy because you will have missed out on an excellent read that will warm your heart and you will fall in love with almost all the characters from the moment you meet them.

Grace is a beautiful soul who doesn’t deserve the life she was born into to, but she never gives up hope that one day she’ll be free from the shackles of her father. When she finally breaks through those shackles she finds out that life away from her family is very different. But she NEVER lets that get to her. Grace is happy with who she is and she refuses to let others change her into something she’s not.

I absolutely adored all the characters, especially Grace, and I really hope that Regina has more to come about the others in this book. I highly recommend this book!!

I give it 5 FREE Stars!!!

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