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Review Tour ~ Jaklyn's Saviors (Ravens of War 3) by Elle Boon

Jaklyn's Saviors
Ravens of War 3
By Elle Boon
Genre: Menage M/F/M, Gods, HEA, Paranormal Erotic Romance

Jaklyn Marx learned at a young age what pain was at the hands of her father. For seventeen years she’d lived with the physical scars, and the knowledge that she was a latent wolf among her pack. But she had extra abilities. She could connect with others mentally, and had helped free the goddess Selena and aided to save Tamara, both were bonded to Ravens. Meeting two men who claimed she was meant to be theirs sent her running.
Gray and Colt had been searching for their Fated for thousands of years. When they saw Jaklyn in Cronus’s temple their first thought was to claim her then and there. However, she’d run from them. When they found her next she disappeared, again, only this time they were prepared to do anything to find her, even call on goddesses.
Just when the trio find happiness a demon from their past threatens to destroy them. Jaklyn refuses to allow her father to take anything else, especially her newfound love for the two men who save her past, present and future. 
Seamus Marx spent seventeen years in Hell waiting for a way to return to Earth and extract revenge on those who killed him. He’d make his pack pay for all his suffering, and then he’d make his daughter suffer twice as bad. He found a way out when Cronus brought him and a bunch of other demons through a portal to fight the Ravens, only Seamus was no longer the god’s puppet.

Let me start by saying that I love a great paranormal series.  Shifters, Greek Gods, Demons, Devils, Hot Warriors, HOT and SEXY scenes with the Heros and their ladies.  Well Elle Boon's Ravens of War is that series and Jaklyn's Saviors is just another perfect addition to this amazing series.

I have wanted to know more about Jaklyn since she made her first appearance in Selena's Men and again in Two for Tamara.  Again this story picks up where Two for Tamara left off.  

Colton and Grayson are looking for their fated, and they know that it is Jaklyn.  When they are unable to mentally connect with her, they call in every marker that they have and enlist the help of everyone that they can think of to try and find her.

Jaklyn is running scared.  She has feelings for both Colt and Gray, but being part of a wolf shifter pack, even though she herself can not shift, she know that it is not accepted for her to be mated to two men.  But that doesn't mean that she doesn't think about it ALOT!

When her very abusive, very dead father comes back to try and finish what he started years ago, it will take Gray, Colt, the rest of the Ravens and an entire wolf pack to keep her safe.

What I loved about Jaklyn is that despite her past, the beatings and scars that she carries as a result of her father, she is strong.  She never gives up.  She is fierce and protective of her family, and of both Colt and Gray.  I loved the the way that Colt and Gray treated her as an equal.  Yes, they protected her, but they also allowed her to make her own decisions and did the best that they could to allow her to stand on her own, and help fight the battle against her father.

Abe, Link and Tank are roll on the floor funny and the female demons from Tamara's book had me snorting they were so funny.  If you are looking for a GREAT paranormal series then I would highly recommend the Ravens of War series.  Although they can be read as stand alone books, I would highly recommend that you read them in order so that you really get the full effect of the characters, the humor, and the battles that they are up against.

I give this book 5 very sexy stars.

I’m a wife and mother who is a retired stay at home mom of 2. I say retired because my youngest is 14 and my oldest is 21 eeek. When my baby went to school, reading saved my sanity, and then the same year he started school, I was diagnosed with Cancer, again reading saved my sanity. When I recovered and realized how quickly life could change, I made a bucket list. The number one thing was to live. Check. On top of that list was to become a published author. Check. Eight years later I have accomplished that goal and several others. Now, I continue to add to the list and check them off as I go.
I live in the Midwest, but I”m a southern girl with only a slight twang who says y’all quite frequently, and am known to say “Bless Your Heart” A LOT. If you know what that means, you do not want to be the one I say that to, lol. I cuss worse than if a trucker and a sailor were put together, but I do it with class *WEG*.

I write what I love to read, erotic romance. My books are definitely full of lots of story, but I leave nothing to the imagination, in or out of the bedroom. My hope is that after readers have read one of my stories, they fall in love with the characters as much as I have.

 The best part of my new journey is that I get to create new worlds, and have all kinds of stories in my head just waiting to be written. I truly love to hear from readers. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter or my website, but I’m on Facebook all the time, so find me. I’d love to you from you J.

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  1. Thank you so much for the awesome review. The next book is going to be Akra and I hope to give Abe, Link and Tank their own book as well 💕



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