Sunday, February 23, 2014

Release Day ~ "Destiny" (Last Moment Series - Book #1) by Clara Fox

Alexandra “Alex” Walton has the life she always wanted for herself. A stable career with plenty of advancement opportunity, Paige, her best friend of a decade as her roommate, and best of all, her amazing boyfriend of three years, attorney Ryan Stewart.

One night Alex and Paige are out having some harmless karaoke fun, when a unreal opportunity presents itself. With her best friend by her side every step of the way, Alex takes on this new experience to see her dreams could really come true. To be the lead singer of a rock band is not a position you are offered every day. Especially a band that has entered a showcase competition, where the grand prize is the chance to open for a multi-platinum selling group of rockers that is currently on a worldwide tour. That famous band is also fronted by none other than the sinfully sexy, Noah Dreagan, who seems to be drawn to Alex, and emits an energy that could easily pull her in. 

Battling nerves and insecurities, Alex digs deep inside to find a confidence she had long forgotten, and embarks on a journey that leaves her questioning whether she still believes that everything happens for a reason. 

“What happens when ‘Destiny’ comes along and changes everything?”

I live in the Washington DC area, affectionately known as Northern Virginia (or NoVA). I'm married to a man who loves hockey and sports as much as I do. I read close to 3 books a week, even when writing (it's the only way I can escape and get quiet time with two young kids at home). I join the normal full time working force during the day and play writer on my laptop at night. The dual life is fun...I'm not a Gemini for nothing.

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