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Review ~ Intracable Souls (Bound for Ireland Series #1) by Tricia Daniels

It’s been years since brilliant IT consultant Olivia James, fell for a man who had a deeply hidden compulsion to violence and control. Left healing physically and emotionally, she became a shadow of the confident woman she used to be. That is, until she meets Ethan O’Connell, a man who makes her burn with a powerful desire. Haunted by fear and insecurity, she desperately tries to resist him, doing all the right things to protect her heart, but she is betrayed by her desires and her attraction to confident men. With stubborn perseverance, he ignores her attempts to push him away, leaving her wanting, desiring his love, needing it to feel alive and whole. 

Ethan O’Connell is extremely successful in his businesses, with a seriously sexy Irish accent and a lethal kind of flare and charm. More than any one man should ever possess. Ethan knew, from the very first moment that he saw her that she is meant to be his. Used to getting the things he wants, he is determined to have her and struggles to control his Irish temper, the reason for his own troubled past. Olivia James is the woman that makes him want more, the kind of girl that would make any man think about forever. Afraid that he can’t live without her and unwilling to lose her, he hides his secrets and ignores his dark desires and fantasies of control. 

Eccentric Psychic, Eva Storm is drawn to the energy around them. She knows that they are soul mates bound by past lives and helps the universe steer them together. Ethan is hesitant to believe at first, but there are things he can’t ignore. Things he couldn’t possibly know, but does. Neither of them can deny the dreams and memories that they both share, but Olivia is too afraid to believe and not willing to trust her heart. 

Convinced that she is “THE ONLY ONE” for him, Ethan refuses to walk away, vowing that he will never give up on her, even if it means he has to fight hard enough for both of them. Can he control his temper and his needs in order to keep her in his life? Can she heal her past wounds and let him in? Like no other woman in his life, Olivia challenges him with her strong will and sharp sense of humor, making him wonder if she could ever become a willing captive of his dominance. Ethan hopes with all his heart that she will become equally addicted to his love, and a sneaky suspicion that falling in love with Olivia James is about to bring on a shift in the balance of power in his world. 

~ Jennifer Zorko~

I was lucky enough to get the chance to read "Intractable Souls" by Tricia Daniels.  This book kept me on my toes, made me cry, made me laugh, and at the end, made me want to scream.

The main characters in this book are Ethan O'Connell and Olivia James.  From the start of the book you understand that their souls have been connected throughout time.  If you believe that everyone has one true soulmate (or even if you don't), then this book is proof that there is one soulmate for everyone out there.

From the minute that they laid eyes on each other, they felt it, a connection that seemed to transcend time.  Actually before meeting each other, they dreamed of each other.  As the story progresses, they continue to have shared dreams of a life and a future together, but there are problems.

Ethan has legal issues.  He is accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend.  He also has anger issues.  Olivia has trust, self confidence, and emotional issues due to an abusive ex-boyfriend who beat her severely and left her for dead.  I know, you would think that they are the most unlikely two people on the planet to get together simply for these reasons, but here is the thing.  They balance each other.  When Ethan is with Olivia, his temper and anger are manageable, and when Olivia is with Ethan, she is more open, feels more stable and safer than she has ever felt in her life.

Don't get me wrong, there will be times in this book that Ethan screws up so badly that you want to punch him (trust me I wanted to reach through the pages of this book and choke him at some points), however there is a protective nature about him that makes you want to forgive him.  Olivia makes her share of mistakes as well, but given her past experiences, you understand why she acts the way she does.

Ok, now for the screaming.  I loved this book, could not put it down, was both disappointed and excited to see the end of the book drawing near......and then the cliff-hanger!  UGH!  The book just stopped, making me want to scream "NO!"  Ok, so I hope that there will be a sequel, because I really need to know what happens next.

I really enjoyed everything about this book.  It was fast paced, the characters were believable, and some of the situations were very funny.  Yes, I even enjoyed the cliff-hanger.  I would recommend this book to every hopeful romantic out there.

5 STARS!!!

***Feisty Girls thanks you Jennifer for your amazing review.***


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